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What is a Mutual Fund?

Led by a fund manager, mutual funds are professionally managed investments that pool the money of many individuals and invests it into securities, such as stocks and bonds. Mutual funds are a great way to offer you flexibility and a diverse investment portfolio across the board. Our knowledge of and access to our partners' investment products will give you the competitive edge you need to make an addition to your investment portfolio that has high potential, and that you are comfortable with.

What is a Variable Annuity?

A variable annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company that merge investment and protection features. Financial investments are usually a combination of mutual funds that invest in stocks, bonds, or money market instruments. Variable annuities help grow and safeguard your investment portfolio with a professionally managed option. They offer an allowance of periodic payments, death benefits, and tax-deferred gains. There are benefits that may be right for you, and may not. Talk to a Senior Advisor Corporation financial professional today to discuss your personal choices.

What is a Variable Life Product?

Variable life products are long-term investment vehicles that combine features of insurance and securities investments. Keep in mind that everyone has different investment objectives, and variable life products are not one size fits all. Meet with one of our financial advisors for a complementary, no obligation visit to figure out your best roadmap.