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About Us

Our History

Founded in 2005, the Senior Advisor Corporation is a brokerage firm dedicated to protecting seniors' independence through education, advocacy and serving as a guide to helping make informed decisions. Since then, we have helped thousands of customers achieve a financial peace of mind. Known for innovation, performance, and customer service, our company has become a leader in the insurance industry.

Here, our clients come first. We are passionate about what we do and true to the people we serve. Our products are offered through a network of independent financial professionals, allowing us to not focus on a specific product, but instead on the overall picture. Our approach allows us to meet face-to-face with our clients to understand their needs, and then work with them as a liaison to shop the market and see what best fits them.

Our Principles

S.A.C. recognizes its duty to be socially responsible. We demonstrate our responsibility as a corporate citizen when we interact with our customers, associates, and the community at large, following our guiding principles:

  • We build lasting relationships with our customers by only offering those products and services that are appropriate to their needs, provide fair value and are in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • We nurture a culture within the company that is highly moral, making decisions based on doing the right work in the right way for the right results.
  • We ensure no associate's purpose or business group's bottom line is more important than preserving the name and goodwill of the Senior Advisor Corporation.
  • We foster a climate where all associates act with courage, integrity, honesty, and fairness. We are committed to creating an atmosphere that is free of discrimination or harassment of any kind, and where differences are respected and valued.
  • We provide an engaging work environment, where associates can learn, grow and develop, both professionally and personally. Our advantage lies in our people.

We hold all of our associates to the highest ethical standards. We clearly articulate those standards, reinforce them through enterprise-wide training programs and show a commitment to the communities in which we operate. We provide our employees with resources to use when faced with an ethical dilemma and encourage them to offer suggestions and raise issues as they arise.