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Client Testimonials at Senior Advisor Corporation

Donald at the Senior Advisor Corporation has always been good to me, has helped me when I have needed him and I really appreciate it! I trust him, he's a nice person and if I didn't trust him I wouldn't have him.

Margaret Dayton - Retiree

I find that the Senior Advisor Corporation is very professional and very easy to speak to with tons of information, good follow up and excellent results!

Ronald Mayer - Business Owner

They conducted themselves very professionally and always came over when I needed them. They went above and beyond to show me what kind of results would be getting and made sure I understood my options.

Dutchie Johnson - Retired County Employee

Working with Donald at the Senior Advisor Corporation has been a pleasure and he really knows his stuff! I have benefited from his advice and I'm quite happy with everything.

Betty Cassac - Retired Flight Attendent

Magnificent, excellent, perfect, super, all the qualities the company has is what has made this the best experience for us. They treated us so well it's as if we were sitting with family. They explained everything as many times as necessary until we understood and not one thing went left unexplained.

Francisco and Paula Fernandez - Retired Custodian & Teacher

I heartily endorse the Senior Advisor Corporation and all the work they have done for me in getting my finances secured and I can go to bed at night knowing that my investments are wisely invested.

Margaret Erskine - Retiree

I find the Senior Advisor Corporation to be very client friendly! You guys find the best product or vehicle for each client and provide a very individualized service. You are always readily available, helpful, and professional and I strongly recommend the company.

Dahlia Huntington - Attorney & Entrepreneur

I think you all are magnificent! I have worked with other companies before but have never had an experience like this one. You are the only one I trust and the only one I would trust and I refer you all the time to people I know who need quality financial services.

Betty Washington - Retired Dade County Elections Department

You have been very professional! Donald and the Senior Advisor Corporation have been excellent and are available whenever I have needed them and was able to plan my retirement and take care of my financial affairs. I am very satisfied with the work that has been done and I trust them. Whenever anyone asks I always mention your company because I am very satisfied.

Sonia Susi - Retired Nurse

I found Donald and the Senior Advisor Corporation to be very professional and quick to respond to my needs as well as willing to listen to my concerns and do whatever necessary to make my accounts do what they have to do.

Tamra Sheffman - Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

I was very pleased with the whole situation and the Senior Advisor Corporation were very professional in their dealing and I enjoy doing business with them.

Patricia Stubbs - Retired Math Teacher

They explained everything to me very clearly and were very nice and professional.

Teresita Davalos - Retired Music Teacher